Dead Island 2 – Game Review

Dead Island 2 brings zombies to California (where the zombies are all presumably buff and have perfect teeth). Available on Xbox One and PS4, it’s not going to be available until the end of 2015. This is a huge shame because its precursor, Dead Island 1 was a huge success. Beautifully rendered and difficult enough […]

Exit Zero Review

Exit Zero – Didn’t you always think the zombie apocalypse would begin in New Jersey? The Blurb Exit Zero, debut novel from Neil A. Cohen When scientific research into curing both hunger and obesity goes terribly wrong, a fast-moving plague is unleashed that sweeps across New Jersey. The victims have become horrific mutations of their […]

Dying Light – Reviewed

Dying Light, from Techland and Warner Brothers is a mature content game for zombie fans. That means it’s sexy! Available at around $50, it’s worth every cent. The gameplay is fluid and the graphics exemplary – so much so that just moving through the landscape gives you that eerie feeling that only a truly atmospheric […]

Left 4 Dead 2 Review

It’s back – and this time it’s… it’s marginally better. Good news for those who were disappointed by Left 4 Dead; the sequel has included a far better selection of zombie killing weapons! The Uzi and shotgun is still there – but using them is annoying. Just why it’s necessary to have your game character […]

Resident Evil 6 Game Review

The intro to Resident Evil 6 is as moodily atmospheric as you might expect, until it suddenly bursts into action and you find yourself dragging Alice’s unconscious body from the street amidst gunfire and zoms everywhere. The graphics are excellent. Really excellent. This is what it’s immersive means, and before the game has really begun […]

Left 4 Dead Game Review

The struggle against the zombie hordes is once again upon us. Left 4 Dead is a bit retro by today’s standards but it’s still quite fun. As part of team during co-op games, or on your own, it can be a bit too easy at times. Multiplayer is where this game works best, so if […]