Dead Island 2 – Game Review

Dead Island 2 brings zombies to California (where the zombies are all presumably buff and have perfect teeth).

Available on Xbox One and PS4, it’s not going to be available until the end of 2015. This is a huge shame because its precursor, Dead Island 1 was a huge success. Beautifully rendered and difficult enough to be an enjoyable challenge, it was an instant hit with zombie hunters worldwide.

The original plot saw a fictional island called Banoi become infested with the undead. It boasted an almost endless list of weapons and included a phenomenal weapons customization system. The advanced weapon system combined with an open world setting made this a forerunner in zombie killing games.

So what can we expect from Dead Island 2?

Exploring California in an open world setting should be fun – maybe we can grab one of those maps to stars’ houses and go see what they look like now. Probably the same as in those dodgy pics in Heat.

Combat will be versus both zombies and humans, and include an improved selection of weapons (electric machetes and motorized grinders have been mentioned).

Multiplayer will be good for 8 players, so plenty f scope for serious killing sprees.

Melee combat is promised to be “visceral” (lots of blood and gore).

Impatient? Go check out the awesome (and funny) game trailer on Amazon.

Dead Island 2 can be pre-ordered for $60.


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