Exit Zero Review

Exit Zero –

Didn’t you always think the zombie apocalypse would begin in New Jersey?

The Blurb

Exit Zero, debut novel from Neil A. Cohen

When scientific research into curing both hunger and obesity goes terribly wrong, a fast-moving plague is unleashed that sweeps across New Jersey. The victims have become horrific mutations of their former selves. But is this an accident, a terrorist attack, or part of a much larger plan?

The Characters

The main characters are a group of high school buddies that have each gone their separate ways and led their own lives (or so they thought), until they are bought back together when disaster strikes.

We meet three brothers who didn’t quite cut it in the military and turned to the private protection sector, a hardcore survivalist and his badass mail order bride with a difference, a scientist, a detective, a mob boss and a rising politician.

The Zombies

The author manages to create an interesting new twist on the whole zombie genre. The plague is spread via contaminated M.E.A.T which forms a tumor in the stomach of the victim and starts to replicate cells, even forming its own basic nervous system.

At the beginning I found this new concept quite hard to swallow, but once you digest the fact that this is a perfectly plausible scenario, the plot becomes totally gripping.

The Randomers

Throughout the book there are very short chapters on totally random, ordinary people going about their everyday business as the outbreak hits. At first I found this to be a little off-putting and irrelevant to the story, but as the book unfolds we discover that the victims remain conscious of their thoughts and feelings for a time before the virus takes a full hold of their brain, thus giving us an insight inside the brain of an actual zombie, it’s absolutely fascinating.

The short stories within the story are told with equal amounts of humor, gore and believability; brilliant stuff from Neil.

The Bigger Picture

The plot twists keep us guessing as to how and why the outbreak happened and who exactly was behind it all.

We meet the mega rich and powerful, the Mob and various government agencies, all with their own agendas and all thinking they are pulling strings of the others, but who can really be in control when all control is lost?

The Reality

I can readily admit that Exit Zero has frightened me to the very core. Until now I’ve been a massive zombie fan and enjoyed the movies, books and TV shows for what they are; fiction.

This book is disturbing because it demonstrates the ease of how a massive pandemic could be engineered and controlled by any number of large corporations, terrorist cells, or even our own governments.

Suddenly it’s just not quite as funny or enjoyable as before. I hope that makes you feel as uncomfortable as it did me, maybe we should all be a little bit more prepared.

The shit could seriously hit the fan at any time. Oh, and while you’re making your plan, be sure to have a plan B and C, just in case. Ivan, the ultimate prepper in Exit Zero, demonstrates just how fast the best laid plans can go tits up when all hell breaks loose!

Back to the Book

Overall, Exit Zero is an easy, short read (I had it finished in a day), it’s well written and a brilliant mix of horror and humour. I have it straight from the author that a sequel is underway, along with a short story featuring 3 of the main book characters.

Where to buy

Amazon.com Paperback $16.95, Kindle $5.78

Amazon.co.uk Paperback £10.95, Kindle 3.95

Find more info on the book and the author at ExitZeroZombie.com


If you’re still not convinced that you’re going to love this book, check out the reviews over at Amazon.com, here’s a couple of my favourites:

Neil’s ability to blend fact and fiction with a sense of humor made Exit Zero a different and welcome experience for the Zombie genre. The interspersed illustrations were well done and at times shocking!

Exit Zero is a combination of nerve-racking tension, mind-blowing action and riveting plot, making for an exciting read! The author takes you on a hair-raising thrill ride through apocalyptic New Jersey, giving us Zombie fans plenty of flesh-eating fun to chew on.

The violence is beautifully executed, the plot is perfectly crafted in its speed and intensity, and the characters are wonderfully written.

Exit Zero is a killer short story thriller! While this book was short…I wanted more. I wanted to see how all the characters survived or thrived. I love his sense of humor here and I loved the credibility that he gave in what could happen in a Zombie Apocalypse or how if could actually happen at all. I enjoyed the read very much! I hope he gives us more because I really want MORE!




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