Left 4 Dead 2 Review

It’s back – and this time it’s… it’s marginally better.

Good news for those who were disappointed by Left 4 Dead; the sequel has included a far better selection of zombie killing weapons! The Uzi and shotgun is still there – but using them is annoying. Just why it’s necessary to have your game character announce every time they are changing ammo, is beyond me! Better to use the new choices of melee weapons: chainsaws, axes, baseball bats – and even frying pans.

Grenade launchers are probably the most fun addition. At least with those, there’s a reason the zoms hit the floor fast.

That brings me to my own bug bear with this game. Zombie deaths are a little fast, and that’s annoying. Just like the original Left 4 Dead, their killing process is rather lame. Point in the general direction and stab the button a couple of times and the zombies fall instantly to the ground. They’re more like static targets on a range than anything else.

There’s also an almost endless supply of ammo, so there’s nothing to really make you take care in weapon selection or prompt discovery of new and fun ways to slaughter the infected.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of zombies that come at you in this sequel. But since the emphasis of the game is very much on co-operative gaming, that’s not a problem. Beware going solo – a glitch in this game means that you can sometimes end up being pinned down by an infected person without another player to help you escape. That means it’s the end for you.

Another problem with single player gaming on this one is that your team mates (the AI) are frustratingly stupid and make it more like a game of herding cats. They’ll get in the way when you are trying to lay down sniper fire, they’ll heal you when you don’t want them to, and they’ll get lost and slow you down when you can’t figure out where they are.

Although it’s been improved since the original came out, it’s only been in small

As a first-person shooter, this is a fun arcade style shoot-em-up. But true zombie weapon experts will most likely pass on this one.

Left 4 Dead 2 is around $20 from Amazon



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