Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons vs Zombies

In the previous article we discussed the importance of making sure you have the proper supplies stockpiled for the zombie apocalypse. Weapons are a big portion of those supplies. We are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of several different weapon types. In this article specifically we’ll focus on hand-to-hand weapons. This includes but isn’t limited to bats,clubs,blades,hammers,mallets,swords,hatchets,axes, and knives. The complete list would be inexhaustible. Almost any item you can wield in your hands, has enough power to crush a human skull, and can stand up to repeated uses, can qualify as a melee weapon.

Melee Weapon Advantages

First lets discuss the general advantages of this group.


Like I mentioned above melee weapons can be purchased/made/found in just about any setting. From a piece of re-bar used in construction to a sturdy branch found in the woods. Even during an emergency the odds of finding something you can use is generally on your side. Proper melee weapons can be purchased from sporting goods and martial art stores.

2)No need for ammunition

No reloading! These trusty tools don’t have a clip that needs changing or parts to swap out. Usually at most all you need to do is cock back for another swing.

 3)Low skill curve

This applies to most melee weapons barring swords. While all weapons become more effective with practice and training, melee weapons afford some level of competency simply by their design. Swing hard and aim for the head.

4)Always silenced

No gunpowder, no explosion, no muzzle flash or crack of the blast. These are quiet killers. Yes there will be the occasional grunt or thud, but that is nothing compared to the sound of a firearm.

Melee Weapon Disadvantages

While it’s easy to think that a group of people wielding melee weapons are the answer to your zombie destroying prayers, lets look at the disadvantages of this group.

1)You are the ammunition

Bats don’t need reloading but muscles need recovering. Your endurance will be the main factor in how long you can swing your weapon. No matter how well it’s made, if you’re not able to pick it up and swing it anymore it’s effectively trash.


These are up close and personal killing weapons. You’ll need to be ready to be in the middle of the action and deal with everything that entrails (see what I did there….). You’re going to have to look that shambling mass of organ meet in the eyes before you bash it’s brains in (or out).


At most you are killing one to two zombies at a time. Zombies are unlikely to queue up so you can take their heads off. When things start to get busy it pays to be aware of your surroundings and make sure you don’t get backed into a corner..

Blunt vs Bladed for Zombie Killing

The weapons we’re focusing can be generally broken into two categories, blunt weapons (bats, hammers, clubs, and mallets) and bladed weapons (axes, swords, knives, and hatchets). Each type of weapon once again offers it’s own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Your blunt weapons will be fantastic at cracking bones and can make even glancing blows to the head become fatal ones. With no edge to chip,break, or dull they offer a high level of reliability and lower maintenance. Also there is a utilitarian factor. Hammers can be used as tools in construction as well as zombie destruction.

Blades on the other hand are generally designed to sever limbs and tissue. Swords require a higher level of skill to utilize their full potential and there will be an entire article dedicated to them. Axes can make great multipurpose tools and are generally dense enough to both crush and cut. I don’t recommend knives are a primary weapon against zombies but are useable in a pinch.

Melee weapons are varied in their forms and functions. Knowing which one you want at your side can be overwhelming at first. But practicing with a few different types will really help you nail down what you prefer. Also getting competent with more than one means no matter what your situation, you’ll be better prepared.