Survival Gear

Customizing your Zombie Survival Kit

Every zombie survivalist worth their salt knows the importance of having a survival kit prepared before the outbreak strikes. When rumors turn to news stories and panic sweeps the globe, it will already be too late to stock up at grocery stores and gun shops. However, it is not enough to simply have a kit prepared. Knowing the most effective gear is vital to maximizing the limited space you will have available when on the run from the undead. Most importantly, it is not enough to simply have the proper gear, you have to know how to use it effectively. The last thing you want to do is find yourself trying to load a crossbow as a rotting corpse is quickly advancing on your position. Study hard and practice practice practice!

While everyone will customize their survival pack to suit their individual needs and strengths, there are certain items that every single kit should have. These include:

  • A strong, durable, spacious backpack

  • A hand weapon such as a katana or machete (don’t forget to practice!)

  • A reusable ranged weapon like a crossbow

  • A small arm, such as a .22 pistol or 9mm handgun

  • An accurate, medium range semiautomatic rifle or carbine

  • A first aid kit

  • A sleeping bag

  • A hand-crank flashlight and radio

  • Waterproof matches

  • A durable water bottle and purification tablets

  • Rugged hiking boots that have been broken in

  • Two pairs of socks

  • Nonperishable food

  • As much ammunition as you can stuff into the remaining space

Most survivalists will be familiar with the importance of these items. However, if you do not know your gear inside and out, if you haven’t spent at least 100 hours practicing with your weapons, and if you haven’t conditioned yourself to run for extended periods with all of your gear on your back, you might as well put a juicy steak around your neck and taunt the nearest zombie blindfolded.

What many of those preparing for the undead epidemic tend to forget is that zombies will not be the only threat to your survival. Terrain and weather can be just as life-threatening as a zombie horde. Part of being prepared is knowing the terrain and weather patterns everywhere from your home to your eventual fortified retreat. However, there are some basic guidelines to follow in certain situations.

 Zombie Survival Gear vs Location

Cold Weather: Obviously staying warm needs to be a top priority in regions with cold or freezing weather. Adding a thermal blanket and clothing items such as gloves and a face mask can mean the difference between surviving and freezing to death. One major advantage is that zombies tend to slow down and even freeze completely in very cold temperatures. Keep this in mind when choosing a location for your fortified retreat. In the long term, having a base where a few months of the year are largely zombie free can provide a much needed respite to you and your crew (if you’re lucky enough to have one).

Hot Weather/Desert: The best advice in regards to surviving in an area with hot weather is don’t. If you live in the desert your first goal should be to get out as fast as possible. Dehydration and exhaustion are very real possibilities when you are forced to stay on the move and there is no more running water. However, if you do find yourself forced to stay in a hot region for several days, it is absolutely critical that you have as much water as you can carry. Sacrifice one of your weapons and some ammo (not too much!) in order to have extra water. Also carry extra purification tablets in case you come across any unexpected sources of water.

Urban areas: Much like the desert, the best survival kit in a big city is the one that you can get out of the city with as quickly as possible. Large population centers are the hottest zones for zombie hordes, not to mention the most likely place to encounter roving bands of armed individuals who would love nothing more than to take your katana and 9mm ammunition for themselves. If you do expect to be stuck in or move through an urban area, do your best to have a detailed map of the city in your survival kit. A map of the sewage and subway system can be life-saving as well.

Surviving The Survivors

The most important thing to remember when preparing a zombie survival kit is anticipating the potential needs and emergencies that will arise that have more to do with a full-scale societal collapse, and the utter lack of infrastructure that goes along with it, than with zombies themselves. You’ve been preparing and studying for zombies for a long time, but all that knowledge will do you no good if you die of heat stroke or get shot by a “fellow” survivalist. Be smart, use logic, and maybe you’ll survive.