Zombie vs Handgun

Your Zombie Apocalypse Side-Arm

Few weapons are more iconic than the handgun. They’re manufactured all over the world and it would be almost impossible to find a culture that isn’t aware of they’re existence. The bigger brands read like a sports lineup. Browning, Colt, HK, Glock, Mauser, Remington. People have their favorites, their hated companies, the underdogs, and the superstars.

Zombie vs Handgun weapon

The origin of the handgun is ambiguous but we know about single-shot hand-cannons existing as far back as 1400 AD in China. Over the many centuries countless improvements have lead up to what is considered a mainstay of modern firearms. Also while some debate the difference in the term “handgun vs pistol” for this article the terms are interchangeable.

Gun Features – Things to Thing About

Like any weapon there are some important features to take into consideration. Which type of handgun are you best suited to use. For example, a revolver vs a semi-automatic pistol. Generally revolvers (guns with a revolving barrel) are simpler to maintain, shoot, and cheaper to buy. They on average carry between 6-8 cartridges and don’t have a safety. Because they don’t expel spent cartridges, jamming is also less of a problem.

Semi-automatic pistols are the preferred handgun for most soldiers, cops, officers and special forces. They come in a wide variety of calibers (measure of the bullets diameter in inches or millimeters), carry 2-3x times the amount of ammunition of a revolver, have tons of accessories and reload much easier and faster. However they are more complex machines and greater care has to be taken with their maintenance and firing to prevent jamming.

Amo Amo and More Amo

Ammunition is generally readily available for most types of handguns. Especially if you get a gun that fires a .22 caliber round. This is a small, light type of ammunition. It lacks any real stopping power against the undead unless you get the headshot. The upside is because it’s so light and widely available you can carry a ton of it with you. Plus if you if you do get the headshot it’s as effective as a heavier/larger caliber round. *Make sure you’re getting headshots.

Ultimately it’s personal as to which type you choose, the important part is making sure you always have one with you and you’re trained in it’s use.

Preparation – Training – Psychology

The reason I always stress making sure you’re trained in any weapon your carry on your is because skill with a tool the difference between successfully navigating a situation and coming back to eat brains. Handguns are fantastic weapons for mid-range combat even against multiple zombie threats. However, even slow moving zombies can make headshots difficult to attain. Earlier I described getting a headshot like hanging a piece of printer paper from a tree on a breezy day and trying to put a whole through the center of it. That’s not too far off of what you can expect.

Closing the distance, while not desirable definitely increases the lethality of a handgun. Unfortunately your best shots might happen with the barrel placed against a zombie’s temple or forcefully shoved in their mouth. Consider a handgun the best sidearm for clearing a quick path, beating a sudden retreat, or last ditch close combat regulator. It can serve as your main weapon in a pinch but is better when paired with a longer ranged weapon and additional melee weapon.

The last thing to take into consideration with handgun is the psychological impact possessing one has on the owner. They can be a great source of confidence in an otherwise hopeless situation or they can make you think you’re superman when you’re not. Tons of studies and anecdotal evidence supports that people get more aggressive when they’re packing. Remember to keep your head on, you need to be thinking straight enough to take theirs off.

Here are our top pick hand guns with links to more information, ratings and reviews…

H&K 416 Semiautomatic Pistol
H&K 416 Semiautomatic Pistol
.22 Magnum Cylinder5Barrel: 1 5/8"
Length: 5 1/4"
Wt.: 5.9 oz
Springfield Armory XD-S Centerfire Pistols
Springfield Armory XD-S Centerfire Pistols
.45 ACP5Barrel: 3.3"
Length: 6.3"
Wt.: 21.5
SIG Sauer Centerfire 226 Pistols
SIG Sauer Centerfire 226 Pistols
9mm15Barrel: 4.4"
Length: 7.7"
Wt.: 34 oz
Ruger SR22 Rimfire Pistol
Ruger SR22 Rimfire Pistol
.22 LR10
Barrel: 3.5"
Length: 6.4"
Wt.: 17.5 oz
Smith & Wesson M&P Two-Tone Handgun Kit
Smith & Wesson M&P Two-Tone Handgun Kit
9 mm17Barrel: 4-1/4"
Length: 7-1/2"
Wt.: 24 oz

Smith & Wesson BODYGUARD Revolvers
.357 Mag6 to 7Barrel: 3"
Length: 8.18"
Wt.: 19 oz
Magnum Research Desert Eagle Pistols
Magnum Research Desert Eagle Pistols
0.57Barrel: 6"
Length: 10 3/4"
Wt.: 72.4 oz
Bond Arms Centerfire Derringers
Bond Arms Centerfire Derringers
.45/.4101Barrel: 2.5"
Length: 4.5"
Wt.: 19 oz
Smith & Wesson M&P Two-Tone Handgun Kit
Beretta 90 Series Pistols
9mm15Barrel: 4.9"
Length: 8.5"
Wt.: 34.4 oz
Smith & Wesson SDVE Pistols
Smith & Wesson SDVE Pistols
9mm16+1Barrel: 4"
Length: 7.2"
Wt.: 22.7 oz

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