Zweapon Contributors

We love talking and writing about anything Zombie, We also welcome fellow Zombie fan contributors. We invite guest authors to share their zombie stories, If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact us.

Zweapon Contributors

Chris Mo’e – Chris is the creator of, The topic Zombie Weapons was originally started as a websites duel, with the intent to teach people how to set up a niche website based on a passion or subject of interest. You can read more about the zweapon niche site duel here

Atua Mo’e – Atua is our grommet/zombie warrior in training. At 10 years old Atua co-authored  a short zombie book which can be found on Amazon in the zombie section. Atua has a full collection of every zombie movie and loves to imagine every possible scenario with zombies. The cool background graphics on this website are from Atua’s book cover.

Ian Eckstein – Ian is one of zweapons regular contributors. Ian has a knack for blending zombie seriousness with a touch of comedy. You can find his words throughout the site as well as in the zweapons blog section.

Sean Bell – Sean is one of zweapons first contirbutors. Sean has a knack for writing unique creative scenarios regarding zombies. Sean is a true zombie fan and has read and watched just about everything zombie.